Although the US economy is struggling, the housing market is making quite the comeback. More than half of the largest metropolitan areas have recovered from their pandemic lows, with Boston leading the pack.
These are the markets that have recovered the most since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis:
1 Boston, 122.52%
2 Seattle, 113.73%
3 New York City, 112.74%
4 Philadelphia, 112.35%
5 Denver, 111.66%
6 San Francisco, 109.27%
7 Los Angeles, 108.78%
8 Las Vegas, 107.71%
9 Rochester, N.Y., 106.61%
10 Memphis, 105.9%
A score of 100% means the market is performing the same as it was in January. Anything higher shows an even better bounce-back.
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