I know it can be challenging to negotiate when buying a home, especially if you’re in a seller’s market where you’re competing with multiple offers. However, there are still some tips you can leverage.

Timing: many buyers don’t realize how timing can matter in the negotiating process. Precisely how soon you submit your offer, or how late, can make a difference in the price that you pay! 

Contingencies: many buyers waive contingencies in their offers in a bidding war situation, but not having contingencies can be scary for buyers. Don’t worry, there are ways to avoid the risks of such contingency waivers and still stand out from the competition!

Financing: this may be surprising to some people, but who you work with for your financing and how soon you can close can sometimes make a difference! I often work with lenders and attorneys that can close much faster than the average lender and attorney. Many seller’s agents I worked with in the past were impressed by how fast our closing timeline is and this also played a significant role in my previous winning offers when the seller was looking for fast closing!