When you walk into a single family home, the first thing you should study is the foundation. Is the basement well-supported? Are there serious signs of settlements or flooding? Are there problems that might be costly to fix? 

Make sure that the septic system works properly. Water drainage is more important in more rural areas compared to the city.

Many single family listings provide a seller’s disclosure. A seller’s disclosure is a document provided by the seller that details any potential issues, improvements or history of the house. Some sellers will disclose pest infestations such as termites.I can help you get a copy. 

Some neighborhoods can have bad traffic if you are trying to commute to the city for work. Also, some houses right next to a heavily trafficked road can be harder to resell, although this certainly works case-by-case. For every house that stays on the market, there is always a story behind it. It is important to understand the history and strategize. There are so many other things we should look at!