Arlington has been a premium location for young families for decades. In recent years, the Arlington rental market has also attracted many high tech workers who prefer the suburban feel of the neighborhood and don’t mind a slightly longer commute. During the Cambridge rent control in the 1970s, many investors also flooded to Arlington, which led to a housing boom at the time.

Today, developers are taking advantage of the new surge of demand for new construction and newly renovated condos by doing massive condo conversions in the area. The East side of Arlington closest to Alewife Station is in hot demand. 

Arlington is popular for several reasons. First, although relatively expensive for first time homebuyers, Arlington prices are still much more affordable for urban professionals compared with Cambridge and downtown. It is a nice alternative for urban commuters who want more space without the hustle and bustle of the city. The East side of Arlington is close to Alewife T, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Capital Theatre, Fresh Pond Mall, Waldo Park, Lake Street, Danehy Dog Park, Greenway, Spot Pond, and Davis Square.

Second, in terms of rental value, Arlington is close to Tufts University, which offers a stable rental market. It is also a popular choice among Kendall Square professionals and is not too far from Harvard and MIT. The relative proximity to universities and key workplaces offers significant downside protection. That’s one of the top reasons why investors choose to buy homes in Arlington.

On a side note, Arlington is home to one of the best Japanese restaurants in Boston, Toraya. The Japanese chef always prepares the sushi and sashimi so diligently behind the bar and treats every dish like a work of art. I have been going to this restaurant for years. Below is my favorite dish at Toraya, called sashimi bento box.