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12/20/21 | Selling your home
What is staging? Does my home need it for sale?
Find out how to get top dollars for your home through the power of staging and my FREE STAGING services!
11/9/21 | Is it good to buy now?
Will Greater Boston real estate prices continue to go up?
In the last decade, Boston had the biggest population growth of all US cities included in this study, thanks to robust economic growth, a highly educated work force, and good job prospects, particularly in technology and the life sciences. But will the prices continue to go up?
05/25/21 | How to find a good agent?
What are 5 things I should look for in a real estate agent?
Your real estate agent is your first point of contact for home buying or selling.
08/30/19 | Buying new construction homes
Why Boston Millennials Love New Construction Condos
New construction condos in Boston and surrounding towns are in hot demand, and are especially popular among millennial buyers.
10/27/21 | Is it good to buy now?
Is it better to buy or to rent in Greater Boston 2021
How does the math work out for buying vs. renting?
08/6/21 | Is it good to buy now?
Thinking of buying?
Is 2021 the right time to buy?
What are three negotiating tips when purchasing a home?
I know it can be challenging to negotiate when buying a home, especially if you’re in a seller’s market where you’re competing with multiple offers. However, there are still some tips you can leverage.
Common misconceptions about buying a home
Let's clarify some common misconceptions about home-buying!
Common misconceptions about selling a home.
What are some strategies for maximizing your return in home sales?
What is refinancing, and when should I do it?
How can refinancing help us save money or make more money?
What Are Some Issues that May Come Up During the Home Inspection?
Let's demystify the inspection process!
How Much Should I Put Down as a Down Payment?
Savvy advice and creative strategies for down payments!
Should I Get a Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
Each loan type has its pros and cons!
What Should I Look at When I Visit a Condo for Sale?
When most buyers look at condos, they focus on the aesthetic side of the home. However, there are 4 things that buyers often neglect to look at!
What Should We Look at When We Visit a Single Family Home for Sale?
What are some of the No. 1 things you should not miss when looking at a single family home?
How Much Are Closing Costs?
Closing costs include a number of costs associated with the purchase of the home.
Should I Waive the Home Inspection Contingency?
Buyer ask this all the time in a competitive seller's market!
How Much Should I Offer on a Home?
Should I pay above or below list price?
Why We Love Arlington
In recent years, the Arlington rental market has also attracted many high tech workers who prefer the suburban feel of the neighborhood.
Is It Necessary to Purchase the Owner's Title Insurance?
Many buyers asked me whether it's necessary to purchase the owner's title insurance, as this is typically offered as an option in the closing documents.
What Do I Need to Qualify for a Home Loan?
Qualifying for a home loan is easier than you think! :)
Is 2020 Still a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate?
Are we approaching the downturn? How can we as investors or prospective home buyers capitalize on the current real estate climate?
Buying and Selling in Today's Market
In such an unusual year, many of you are still trying to figure out if now is the right time to make a move.  I’d like to share with you a couple of the sentiments that I’ve been hearing amongst my agent network for buyers who are sitting on the sidelines or sellers who are waiting to list.
Boston Is Leading the US Housing Market Comeback!
Although the US economy is struggling, the housing market is making quite the comeback. More than half of the largest metropolitan areas have recovered from their pandemic lows, with Boston leading the pack.
This surge of business is the new normal
We had 3 consecutive record-breaking months of revenue in June, July and August, with nearly 50% higher revenue than those same months in 2019.
How to Get Top Dollars for Your House
It’s home-buying peak season, and a popular time to sell properties as well. Many sellers ask me: What is the best time to sell my house? What strategies can get me top dollars for my house? What are the things to watch out for besides staging, pricing, market timing and consumer behaviors? What ...
Home Buying Steps in Massachusetts--Part I
After years of working in the real estate industry and having been through the property purchase and refinancing process myself many times.