Property Management

Tania has years of experience as a landlord and has built an in-house property management team to manage her real estate portfolio worth over 5 million dollars and her clients’ portfolios. We believe in team work, intelligent tenant screening, relationship building to minimize business costs, and efficient operations. We have an organized team who handles different aspects of the rental business to minimize headaches and streamline the entire process. Due to our portfolio size and consistent work we provide to our vendors, we are able to leverage our scale to negotiate for the best rates. To ensure the best quality service for our clients, we limit our property management service to only clients who have purchased or sold properties with Tania. Contact us to learn more about how our in-house property management team can help you maximize returns and make the landlord experience hassle-free!

Work With Us

Tania’s unique investment approaches, innovative strategies and sophisticated social media skills set her apart from other realtors. Her online real estate platforms with 10,000+ loyal followers give her clients a huge advantage in advertising and deal making. An aggressive and savvy negotiator, she advocates for her clients every step of the way. You can count on her looking out for your best interests.