1. Many people start with the idea that I can’t settle for a dream home without certain criteria, such as a minimum square footage, open layout, garage, orientation of the home, floor level, new construction, etc. It’s important to know what you want, but also understand that it may not be possible to have everything when you’re working within a certain budget.
  2. “My aunt in Georgia was able to negotiate for the seller to pay for the closing costs and repair issues that came up during the inspection.” While this is common in other markets that are more of a buyer’s market, many homes for sale in Massachusetts receive multiple offers. Buyers often have to waive the inspection because sellers often have several clean offers to choose from. Fortunately, we can always make plans or budget for your home repairs before making an offer.
  3. Some people don’t like the maintenance responsibility or financial obligations of owning a home. However, our numbers show that in most cases owning a home for at least 2-3 years in the Greater Boston area saves more money overall compared to renting. The benefits of appreciation,  tax deductions, and the loan being paid down generally outweigh the expenses such as maintenance and property taxes over the long term. Many towns have residential tax exemptions for owner occupants. You could also consider renting out your additional bedrooms to help pay down your mortgage.