Broker Fee: Typically 5% of the sales price (split between seller agent and buyer agent). Almost all sellers hire a realtor to get the best price and ensure all steps are done properly. Working with an experienced broker to get a higher price and avoid expensive mistakes more than justifies the broker fee. For-sale-by-owner listings are nightmares!

Staging fee: Depending on the condition and type of home, some sellers would pay for professional stagers to stage a home, which could cost $500-3000 depending on how much staging is required. Some sellers already have furniture or decor that would work well for the home sale and only need partial staging or no staging. As a broker, I work with the seller's existing items as much as I can to save the staging costs, and provide in-house staging/decoration items FREE OF CHARGE when applicable.

Videography: most professional videographers charge $1500-3000 for each listing. We provide in-house professional video production to save you costs and give you the market exposure your home deserves!

MA Excise Tax Stamps: in MA, it's $4.56 per $1000 of the sales price (.456%).

Real Estate attorney fee:  Roughly $750-$1000, depending on how complicated the transaction is. Some people wonder if they don't have to hire a seller's attorney. It's a bad idea not to have an attorney to review all paperwork and ensure the entire transaction is done legally!

Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide inspection: $50-$100. The cost is usually $50 for single family/condo or $100 for multifamily. This does not include the cost of upgrades if you need to make improvements to make sure the home passes the inspection.

Estimated Recording Fee: $75 per 6d certificate or release/discharge

Fee for Obtaining 6(d): This is for condos and to be confirmed with your condo association if they charge such a fee. 

Wire Fee: $25-50 per wire for seller proceeds and payoff

Septic Costs: Some single family and multifamily sellers have these costs. First, the seller will need to get a Title V inspection done. If not, the seller will need to get an engineering plan done (ball park $3000-$4000), then the seller needs to get quotes to install the septic.

Mortgage/Lien Payoff: to be confirmed with your lender a week before closing

Miscellaneous expenses: Sometimes the seller will have other unexpected items, so budget for a few hundred dollars for last minute issues.