What is staging? Why is it important?


When we sell your home, we need to present your home in the best light. Staging does wonders to a home because it allows the buyers to imagine themselves living in a home and stir up emotions that make them want to pay top dollars for your home. Staging includes decluttering and depersonalizing the current setup so we can attract the highest number of buyers, which translate into top dollars.


Home staging can be costly, often ranging from $3800-5000 in Massachusetts or even more depending on the size of your home. A simple one-hour consultation with a professional stager typically costs $250-400. It usually takes about a week or two to fully stage a home, but some homes can be partially staged by combining staging furniture with existing furniture.

Sellers typically work with a professional staging company and pay for these additional services. Staging is worth it in most cases because if you pay $4000 for staging and the home sells for $40,000 more, that’s 10 times the return! It’s easier for buyers to fall in love with a home that is staged and pay more. The blank walls of a million dollar home that is vacant will look the same as vacant $300,000 home, so staging makes a difference. If the buyer can’t see what the home looks like when they live in this home, they won’t feel excited about paying the price you want. Staging allows them to dream about living in this home!

As a real estate broker who is also a certified professional stager, I look for ways to use your existing furniture and combine your items with my staging props to save you this additional cost. In some cases, I provide in-house furniture to you free of charge. I used to run a hospitality business, so I have a wide selection of furniture that I could provide to you as part of my home sale service, at no additional cost.

Some sellers already have furniture or decor that would work well for the home sale and only need partial staging or no staging. As a broker, I work with the seller's existing items as much as I can to save the staging costs, and provide in-house staging/decoration items FREE OF CHARGE when applicable.