Why should consumers consider working with a real estate professional with a broker license, as opposed to an agent license?

Most people confuse the terms real estate agent, broker and realtor—and use them interchangeably. While there may be overlaps in what they do, the three are distinctly different, especially when it comes to their qualifications and where they sit on the professional ladder.

A real estate agent is an industry professional who brings buyers and sellers together and is paid a commission. A broker is an individual who has taken their real estate career beyond the agent level. A broker may work independently or start their own brokerage and supervise other real estate agents. A broker generally has more training and full-time experience than an agent and handles some of the more technical parts of a transaction. 
Having a broker’s license also opens the door for opportunities. It’s more difficult and more responsibility to become a broker, but the credential is well worth it and another guarantee for the consumer.
As buyers and sellers, working with a broker ensures that you are working with someone with not only the highest professional licensure in real estate, but also pass many rigorous requirements beyond the agent license. This credibility is important for the quality of service you expect to receive.